Student Feedback


Teaching being an important component in my pursuit for academic excellence, I am inviting my present and past students to comment on the quality of my teaching and possible areas of improvements, which may include the following:

·          Mastery of subject matter

·          Ability to present materials in an interesting and clear manner 

·          The level of student satisfaction  

·          Accessibility to students for academic advice and counseling

·          Overall Teaching Effectiveness of lecturer

·          Possible improvements in teaching and suggestions

Feel free to add anything that you deem important. Please specify batch, programme of study and year of study. Thanking you for your feedback.


63 Comments on “Student Feedback”

  1. Dravindra Beekaree Says:

    Thanks to the knwoledge you passed on to me… i’ll be very gratefull for that… i was a CDAC student if you remember these hard knock guys…. i’ve moved out from Mauritius and making progress in the IT field… I’ve already been graduated but not from UoM but Uni of Greenwich… I’m working and studying at the same time…. Thankzzzzzzzz for all the knowledge you passed on…..

  2. roushdat Says:

    CSE Group A, level 2. year 2007
    The best lecturer encountered so far.

  3. Jevin Says:

    CSE 2A 007

    Yeps the best lecturer and the one who understands us most,i must say.

  4. Ravi Says:

    BSc Hons Computer Science and Engineering Level 2 Group A , (2007)

    Indeed Sir, you are the best lecturer that i ve known so far..

    Everything that you presented to us was always in an interesting way, and i must admit that ur lectures are one of those very few, in which students dont feel bored / sleepy

  5. Mohamed Assad MANGOU Says:

    Mr Khedo has definitely played a vital role in my university life. He has managed brilliantly, both as our course coordinator and lecturer. He was very attentive to our needs and demands. He would never hesitate to spare the required amount of time to put the students on the right track, bearing in mind that their behaviour at university level would undoubtedly impact on their professional career.

    Keep it up, Sir!

  6. 1984today Says:

    Definitely one of a kind,..for sure.
    Masters his subjects and teaches in a proactive manner.
    More than a lecturer, he is an inspiration for those who aim high and wish to achieve great things.

    You command respect, in more than a way,..

    Sundeep Tengur

  7. Kevin Says:

    Guru Bramma Guru Vishnu Guru Deva….

    You are the best!! You are my guru!! U nt only give lectures to succeed in exams but also u give lectures to succeed in life!!! You are our inspiration, of CSE Goup A Level 2 Year 2007..

    Sir keep it up!!

  8. K.Nuckcheddy Says:

    I should say that Mr. Khedo is among the best and most appreciated lecturer that I have met during my degree course. He is the most talented, respectful and friendly lecturer. He teaches his modules with great ease and talent .

    Thank you for your patience,devotion, time and great advice. You have helped me a great deal, esp in my BSC final year project. Without your great support it would have been impossible for me to complete my project.

    Regards and all the best in your Academic Career,
    BSC IT Student from CDAC, graduated in 2006.

  9. Rakesh Says:

    BSc (Hons) Information Systems Level 3 (2006 – 2007) Grp B
    Think we are the few blessed to have been working with you since 1st semester level 1 till 2nd semester level 3. The one lecturer that knows how to teach, present a module in the best possible way for a student to master .. just a few examples: How to give a bad presentation – its no mistake its “bad” – for communication skills, guest lecture delivered by sum1 from the industry for communication technologies. C++ and Java have never been indeed easier when taught by you.

    Respect to Academic Excellence Personified
    IS3B (2007)

  10. Kavishen Says:

    BSc Hons Computer Science and Engineering Level 2 Group A and sometimes OTHERS (2007)
    Well Sir,
    I don’t know anyone who masters Software Engineering better than you do.

    As for presenting things in an interesting and clear way,i won’t reply but only say that for such a theory part of the module,am sure i would have been sleeping and dreaming in the classes had the lecture not been the way it is.

    Level of satisfaction??
    Am more than satisfied.

    We all know you are a very busy person and yet you always manage to find some time for your students.
    You are even helping us in our communication skills.

    Teaching Effectiveness?
    Highest ive ever seen and heard about.

    Possible improvements??
    uhh,can’t find
    wait, there is one thing but it’s not in your course of work actually.
    It’s just my opinion though:
    After we present the articles from the ACM magazines,it will be even more interesting if in a few words you tell the person individually or to the whole class the mistakes which he/she has made when presenting.
    Am sure you have a lot of experience in this field too and it will be very easy for you to identify the flaws in the way we present things.
    I think this will help us in actually in improving our communication skills and definitely help us for the coming interviews and presentations in our future place of work.
    This will be the icing on the cake.

    Keep it up Sir and thnx for this opportunity!!!

  11. Mungur Ravikumar Says:

    In your pursuit for academic excellence, you are not only an excellent Lecturer, (which everyone knows for sure ) but also an excellent person, your personality is superb your style is unique, never have I seen someone with so much qualities,
    I wish I could be at least half of what you are, you are the Idol that I Would like to be like one day.

  12. Ojilen Vencatasawmy Says:

    Mr Kavi Khedo!

    Those who know you and have had the chance to be your student will surely agree with me while saying that:
    “This guy is a class above! Professionalism is the keyword to describe him!”

    I remember that once feedback forms were distributed at CDAC and we had to evaluate our Lecturers’ performances. You were the only guy who received 99% appreciation!

    While my other classmates were always complaining about their project supervisors, i found a real guide/facilitator in you guy! Your doors were always open to students for guidance and resources.

    Best Regards and good luck for your doctorate!

    BSc(Hons)Information Technology
    CDAC/UoM Graduate

  13. Mauritius Says:

    Hi Guys & Girls, me too was a student of Mr Khedo … Well, indeed as you say, he is GreaT, GreaT n GreaT. No words yet available in the dictionary to describe Him.

    Well, I am sure to elaborate more in the days to come …


  14. CSESTUDENT Says:

    Simply the best lecturer I have known so far… Explain in a very friendly way… Always ready to help and always teach us abt life so we can consider about our future… Thanx a lot sir…

  15. Paraouty S Says:

    I must say that Mr Kavi was the best lecturer we ever had at CDAC..He is a very friendly and devoted person.We had an immense chance to be among those very few students who got him as supervisor for our final year project.Without him maybe we would not had good results..Today i got a chance to thank him for his support..Thanks Mr KAvi and may you achieve more than that!!!
    Paraouty S
    Ex Student of CDAC
    Year 2006

  16. Surroop Sharwan kumar Says:

    Cool.For me till now Mr.Khedo has been the best lecturer.Speaking frankly if i didn’t have you as lecturer maybe i would not have understood Software Enginnering.You are the idol of many.

    I hope that 1 day i can become like you!!!!!!!

    Kushal Surroop

  17. Pyanee Madeven Says:

    The best lecturer I have ever met. You have the art of teaching and I think no one can be better than you in this field.
    For me till now you are the best and don’t worry the day I found something wrong I will surely inform you.


    Pyanee Madeven
    CSE 2A
    Year 2007

  18. Kev Says:

    Sir, the only way i get distracted in your class, is when i follow your perfect body language. You really have the art of teaching and communication too. Thanks for everything sir.

  19. leenakshi Says:

    The only course ive apreciated a lot so far in university that too at level 2 was Software Engineering taught by Mr Khedo.
    Sir, no doubt you deliver lectures extremely well, its true at times, eyes get drifted away but really the way you manage the class and trying to get everyone’s attention is something which many lecturers fail to do so. Class management is very good.
    As you said previously, attitude and personality are wat wil determine a successful individual. Thats wat you have, a great personality with a positive attitude.

    In short, you are the most proficient and finest lecturer I have ever come across.

    keep the good job up!

    CSEGA 07

  20. Koosoom Desai Says:

    CSE, Group A (2003 – 2006)

    The best lecturer ever . Perpetually ready to help students even though is most of the time very tied up in busy schedules. Always has the right advice for you, and believe me all his advices are to be taken into consideration. Strictly professional but also very gracious. The only lecturer you won’t hesitate to approach for any help.

    Sir, you are the best. Keep it up.

  21. rishta Says:

    well sir, u ve a fabulous blog……for me u r the only lecturer who works so hard in UOM n u deserve all ur rewards…..u really have the art of teaching…thnks to u i have understood something in my cse course….u r the best lecturer i ve ever known since now…..we r all glad to ve known u as a lecturer , a friend n an advisor…..u r a good person always ready to help others……keep it up sir……the coming students need u too

  22. Mehreen Says:

    You are a good lecturer and u know about professionalism. I have very much appreciated being your student.

  23. Vanam Says:

    it seems to me that all has been said; there’s nothing else to say.
    but sir, you indeed are the most amazing lecturer. if it weren’t for you, monday morning classes would have been among those least attended…it’s no surprise why everybody makes it a must to attend your classes.
    i’m sure that you will keep this up, and that all your ex-students, present students and future students will always have the very best opinion of you, not only as a lecturer, but as an individual.
    you have just 1 quest: find someone who can say something negative about you….!

    CSE 2A ’07

  24. Maleika Heenaye- Mamode Khan Says:

    I don’t have words to describe your teaching. Even what I will write won’t be enough.

    You have a great art of teaching. You work very hard for your students. You give everything for the students about hesitation.

    You are very professional in your work. In fact, I know you as a lecturer, coordinator and supervisor of final year project as well. You have hepled us a lot in our work. You have given us much guidance that no lecturers have ever given us.

    You gave me many advice in my life. You give me a lot of support in my Mphil/ PhD.

    In life, if I don’t have anybody’s door to knock at, I always come at your door. This is where I know I can get help, support and advice.

    In fact, I very much inspired by you. I try to do the same thing in class to satisfy my students ( FLM- Human Resource Mgt Year 1 student). I try to manage my class in the same way as you do 🙂 Hope one way I will succeed.

    You know how to handle any kind of students.
    In my opinion, to teach, people should have patience, should be calm, and should be committed. You have all these qualities.

    I wish you all the best, Sir and I feel great to have a lecturer like you.

  25. Razia Cadersa Says:

    You actually give a new meaning to teaching…A teacher with the perfect oratory skill but what touched me more in your lectures is your creativity and the way you always try to put yourself in our place…This says a lot, that you are only delivering your lectures just because you have to do it but instead you do care about your students…
    On top of that (yes yes u wudnt believe) he’s one of the COOLEST teachers av ever known.He comes to all our stupid parties that we organise. He does not consider himself too ‘lecturer’ to enjoy with us, to listen to our personal problems and even to help us to take personal decisions. I mean wow, he was like a mentor to me during my three years at uom and even if I know you would like to hear some criticism also, I can’t find a single world to criticise you sir…I can only say thank you and keep going…

    Bsc Computer Science & Engineering Group A (2003-2006)

  26. ¥@$# Says:

    Well, it’s been a very long way since the early days of playing ‘family game’ and table tennis on that customized oval table… lolz…

    You are truly one of the best lecturers at UoM, and maybe the best in CSE… Your teaching not only encompasses tips how to succeed in our course but also in life in general… The most accessible lecturer, always open to any discussion, whether it concerns the module you teach or anything in general…

    Frankly speaking, I think you are the perfect model of success for us all…

    Cheers, Yash. (CSE2A 2007)

  27. Vandana Says:

    It was really very nice to come across such wonderful people in this world.I really appreciate your way of teaching, ready to supply us with adequate materials for our studies.As our project supervisor,you were even better since you guided us throughout
    the whole journey in our project.While writing such few words,it reminded me how such a nice lecturer u have been to us at CDAC(BSC Information Technology). After all you are a nice human being!!!
    Wishing you all the best in the future and hope to have you again as lecturer if ever I decide to continue my studies.


  28. Jin Says:

    One of the best lecturer of UOM, if not the best. Needless to say you are highly appreciated in all classes and your way of teaching really does encourage any student to do some effort 🙂

    i must say i consider myself lucky to have a lecturer like you, and thx for your kindness and care towards all of your students!


  29. Michael Says:

    1. Fairness!
    2. Always encouraging his students!
    3. Always available to help!
    4. too many to mention >.

  30. Beeharry Khalil Says:

    Mr Khedo is a nice person, with very good teaching skills
    I really appreciated his lectures…he’s the best lecturer I’ve ever meet upto now!!
    always ready to help…
    thank u a lot Mr Khedo..
    (CSE student graduated in 2006)

  31. P.Kurrumchand Says:

    Mr. Khedo has been among the best lecturers I’ve worked with. He has great teaching skills , his lectures were really very interesting. Above all Mr. Khedo is a very nice person, always encouraging and devoted to his students and work.

    Thank you very much for your encouragement, support ,patience and advice during my final year project which you have supervised.

    Good luck!!! May God Bless!!!
    BSc(Hons) IT Student From CDAC/UOM, graduated in 2006

  32. Amit Koonjul Says:

    Mr Khedo the one who makes “impossible be possible”. All his classes were well appreciated; but the most interesting thing about him, is his guidance. For my final year project “Friends Bookshop” being our coordinator was the most fruitful thing.

    I will never forget the first day we met for our project, you said “what is so special in your online bookstore that others like Amazon or Barnes and noble do not have.” you are that only one who gave us the courage and inspiration of completing our project in just less than 3 months. Thanks to your assistance we came out with flying colours.

    Apparently you are simply the BEST!!!!!

    BSc(Hons) BI Student From CDAC/UOM, graduated in 2005

  33. Hema Pentiah Says:

    hello mr khedo,
    its nice to remember was just wonderful to have you as my lecturer.all your classes were really interesting as enriching.
    most of all, as a project supervisor,which was a difficult task for u to supervise our Business informatics group,u were simply great.
    i wish u all the best and always be an inspiration to others as u deliver ur eucation package with care and fruitfully

    BSc(Hons) BI Student From CDAC/UOM, graduated in 2005

  34. Izzet Says:

    what to say that has not already been said!!!
    Best lecturer, best lectures…I’ve been learning lot of things with you. It’s really nice that you have been ourl lecturer since the first level.
    Wish u lot of success and hope that one day you’ll be lecturing my children.


  35. Izzet Says:

    what to say that has not already been said
    Best lecturer best lectures…I’ve been learning lot of things with you. It’s really nice that you have been our lecturer since the first level.
    Wish u lot of success and hope that one day you’ll be lecturing my children.


  36. Ameena Says:

    Words are not enough to describe Mr Khedo.
    He is the best lecturer i have ever come across in my life and and may be will never come across anyone quite like him in the future. He’s someone very dynamic and ambitious, has pleasant personality and always ready to help.

    I must say that our class is among the luckiest ones since we have been working with you since 1st semester 1st yr till 2nd semester year 3. I have always make it a must to attend your class for in my opinion your lectures and lecture notes are complementary, without your explanations on each line of your lecture slides it would have been very difficult to get through.

    I’ve learnt many things from you and I’m very much inspired by you and your way of teaching. Hope one day i’ll become a lecturer like you Sir. According to me, I think there’s no negative feedbacks on you!

    Wish you lots of success and happiness in both your personal and professional life.

    U were the best, u are the best and u will always be the best.

    Ameena Choonka

  37. Hulkury Mohammad Naiim Says:

    The 3 Ks in your name mean the following 3 for me
    Kaash kaash kaash!!! – mean I really wish

    Ya i really wish you were my lecturer since level 1 and i do really feel that if you were my lecture for Progarmming Methodology and software engineering – java progarmming i would be a much better programmer today. Evreyone kept saying: “Travail r monsier Khedo, apres to dir mwa wat can be better”. And luckly I was selected among the 30 luckiest students to do communication technologies with you. And I can confirm to you that everyone in my Class (IS Level 3 Group A) had all thier attention to your very first lecture to us and we are still appreciating this natural art of yours.

    You make what seem complicated simpler to us. “Dont know whats the algorithm you use” sure very benificial to the students. The lectures are vey structured and well presented to students. And the delivery is very professional with the formal start -” BSc (Hons) Information Systems Level 3, Good Morning..” of course, and that really set the focus of all students to your lecture and the interaction is perfect. That why we beleive that there is no surprise for your promotion as senior lecturer. And in parallel I must say that you not only teach your module but at the same time demostrating loads of skills that can be very useful for many among us who wish to be involved in lucturing. The Role Model for many future lecturers…

    Well I’m in my last semester at the university of mauritius for my BSc but hopefully when I come back for an MSc may be in Ubiquitous Computing (My area of big interest) i would really wish and pray to have you as among my lecturers.

    Well wish you lots of success and happiness in both your personal and professional life with the “Dr title on the horizon” with god blessed and our prayer of course.

    Kind Regards
    Hulkury Mohammad Naiim
    BSc Hons Information Systems Level 3 Grp A

  38. SM Says:

    Hmm!!! Mr Khedo is simply the best lecturer in CSE Dept!!!

  39. I am please to address you these few words.
    Well, indeed you are a great lecturer who leads student to a great future.

    It was great to have you as lecturer and coordinator for the 3 years I was at the university. I thank you for all your caring attitude towards us, not only in the academic fields. Thanks also for your encouraging words. We were never alone when we know you were here. As I once say, if ever I could follow all your lectures in all faculties, I would have done it.

    How many times, have I heard my friends wishing to have you as lecturer for any given module and when you are not lecturing in our class, I should acknowledge that we do feel unlucky and a bit sad.

    In addition, students proudly voice out “We got Mr. Khedo for this or this modules”. They were so happy even winning a lottery won’t have made them that happy. They are right to be happy, because you are really great. As someone say, no words is yet available in the dictionary to describe you.

    I rarely saw someone with such great qualities. I sometimes, ask myself, how someone can be so humble, fair and kind as you. We understand you are sometimes very busy with all the works you have to do, but still, you are always here to help anyone in need.

    In fact, when you are teaching us, our concentration is more than 110%, to say the least. We miss your class only if we really can’t drag ourselves to your class … Even ill we manage to attend your lecture.

    Well, I was amazed sometimes back, when my friend, who registered for this year CSE course, ask me who is Mr. Khedo.
    I just reply – Simply the best. Well sir, even your popularity & reputation precede you.

    If ever there was a rating system at the university, you would have been much much above the second best lecturer.

    En passant, je vous propose de regarder une grande film qui decris la vie d’un Grand Prof. Have a look Sir, it’s really great. If ever there is new ways of teaching you can explore, its here.
    Title : [ School of Life ] // [ La Grande école ]

    A thank is just not enough for everything you have done for us.
    You are the only lecturer who will remain in our heart for ever & ever.
    I dearly wish you all the best in life.
    May God lead your path and bless you in all your ways.

    James Berty Davy
    CSE Group A

  40. Karishma Says:

    Dear Sir,
    Dedication, Innovation and Patience in your work are the powerful mantras that have made YOU a really successful person today.
    Besides your great art of teaching, I believe what makes you the most outstanding is your gentleness and readiness to help others. You have always tried to view all students at the same level.

    Thanks a lot Sir for the enriching lectures delivered. It’s been a real pleasure working with you. All my best wishes to you in your career and life.

    CSE 2003-2006

  41. VS Says:

    You and Mr Avinash Meetoo are the two “real” lecturers that i came across at the University of Mauritius. You both have a fantastic style of teaching.

  42. Varuna Ramma Says:


    It is indeed a great pleasure to hear from u sir!! You are the finest lecturer that I have come across during university…You have excellent teaching and communication skills which makes you one of the best lectures at UOM and a very pleasant person as well.

    Thank you very much for your encouragement, support ,patience and advice during my final year project which you have supervised.

    Kind Regards & Lots of luck, success and happiness in your professional and personal life..God Bless!!

    BSc(Hons) IT Student From CDAC/UOM, graduated in 2006

  43. salildeena Says:

    Mr Kavi Khedo was one of my best lecturers at the University of Mauritius. He embodies a rare combination of academic excellence, humility and patience. He definitely an inspiration to those who want to tread the path of academic life. He has already succeeded in achieving the goal of inspiring his students, showing them the secret of success in a very subtle manner. May you continue to rise higher and higher through your passion for teaching and research.

    Salil Deena (BSc IT 2005)

  44. Priya Says:

    Mr Kavi Khedo!! Wat do I describe about him in soooo… limited words…?? Well, he`s simply the best lecturer i`ve ever come across… He has always been very close to his students and helpful too. We, IS3B students have been working with him throughout the whole three years and I can proudly say “He`s my lecturer”!! He`s a model to every1… any1 who wanna achieve success, should tread his path…
    We IS3B students wish u all the best et bonne continuation…

    Priya Ramroop
    BSc(Information system) Level 3B

  45. Tr€ Says:

    Thanks for setting up this blog I would say: you helped me in actually meeting other past friends too!

  46. Amirah Says:

    Mr Kavi Khedo….
    Well words are too limited to describe him….
    I consider myself very fortunate to have had the golden opportunity to work with him.
    He’s a real gem in the field of teaching..

    Teachers are the building blocks to our education and are people who play a vital role in making us who we are.

    Mr Kavi Khedo is someone who has inspired and motivated us to move forward. He’s someone that makes difficult things appear simple and clearer to us and we never get bored in his lectures. He used to give his point of views and his precious advice which proved to be very useful.

    He’s simply the BEST BEST BEST…
    He is my favourite lecturer and the ‘chou’ of all students… 😉

    I wish you success in your life and all the Best for the future Sir…

    Dowlut Amirah

  47. Nazrana (IS3B) Says:

    All the praises are not enough for a lecturer like Mr Khedo.
    We (IS3B) are the lucky few who have got the chance to work with from the start of our course till the end. Mr Khedo is a very helpful person. When I came to request you to include me in the comm class you were very understanding. You the best lecturer that I have known in UOM
    I thank you for the advice that you give us. It has helped us a lot not only in studies but to make our life better.
    Wish one day I become as successful as you.
    I wish you good luck as the new Head of Department and bonne continuation

  48. Zarine Says:

    Mr Khedo has been working with us for the past three years and we are very lucky to have him as lecturer.

    He is the only one among the lecturers whose priority was to create a warm and healthy climate that puts students at ease. He had always boosted up our hope and expected from us, to give our level best in our academic pursuits. Dedication, hard work and loyalty form part of the values cherished by Mr Khedo and guided us in such a way so as to develop traits of personality, such as team spirit, maturity, self-confidence and a sense of responsibility. He is respectable, charismatic, always kind and flexible.

    Words are not enough to say…
    how greatly your
    efforts are appreciated!!

    Thank you for everything and I wish you all the best for the future.

    Zarine M,
    IS 3 B

  49. Zaafir Barahim Says:

    Mr khedo is the best ever lecturer that exits perhaps in the entire universe. He is so hardworking, dedicated in everything he does, understandable and most above all very helpful. Words are not fit enough to describe Mr K.Khedo. I’ll will just like to say that you are the BEST of the BEST, keep it up!!! Hope that me too become successful like you one day. Thanks infinitely for all the help, advices, support. A big Thanks for ALL and ALL. Hope that our Team “Liverpool” become more successful like you too,lol!

  50. Pushpa Says:

    Hello Sir,

    Well start with i should say that all student of IS Group B (intake 2004-2007) feel really proud to have you as our lecturer for the past 3 years.

    Indeed your class was among the best one. Whether be Programming Methodology, Comminication Skills or Comminication Technologies your class has always been enriching.

    You’ve got excellent teaching skills. You are my favourite lecturer. And i guess ur the first lecturer to introduce Guest lecture at CSE dept. So please do keep it up.

    It’s great to be following your classes for there is always something new to learn whether be academic or life.

    You have got a great personality and ur a very nice person too.

    Thank you for the precious guide you provided us Sir.

    Sir since you’ve brighten the life of lots of students,
    So may God always brighten your life.


    IS 3B

  51. Christine Says:

    You are so great Sir. You are the best lecturer that I have come across. As far as I know there is not a second Mr Khedo. We ISB have got the chance and priviledge to work with you during these 3 years at UOM.

    You have a marvelous power of teaching. Every module you have presented to us was very interesting and made us eager to follow the class. You always have the attention of all students during lectures. You are the Idol of all students.

    Thank you for your patience, help and advise. You have always motivated us and guide us through the right path. Mr Khedo you are the most talented, understandable and also very helpful lecturer that I have come across. Even if you are busy you always manage some time for your students.

    I wish you all the best in your career.

    IS3B 2007

  52. YPK Says:

    Hello sir
    Commenting on your qualities as a teacher is really something which needs lots of concentration since finding words to describe perfection has always been something difficult to do. I was one of your students some years back, not a university student but one of private tuition, what i’d like to say is that you have the ability to motivate your students to like a subject previously hated and this in itself goes to show how much someone gain from your classes. You’ll always be my best lecturer ever coz you not only teach, you encourage, motivate, help and share your ideas too.

    Thanks for playing an important role in what i am today.

  53. vincent78uk Says:

    The best lecturer ever… I will rather name you as “Lecturer of The Year”. Being my lecturer for Data Modelling @ DCDM Business School, you were one of the best lecturer i’ve ever met. Very professional and knowledgeable person.

    God Bless, you will always succeed in this way…


    Parmeseeven Chinapiel (UK)
    Huddersfield University
    United Kingdom

  54. Arzinah Hossany Says:

    BSc(Hons) Information Technology..2003-2006

    Mr. Khedo has been my lecturer for several modeules and also my final project supervisor, undoubtedly he has played a vital role in helping me get my degree in hand. He has the art of teaching and making students love his subjects which many don’t. I may list numerous qualities that i find in him, but the main ones are as follows:
    1.bringing the unit alive (stimulation of interest).
    2.showing personal interest in students’ academic progress.
    3.inspiring confidence through mastery of subject (unit) matter.
    4.patience in establishing effective two-way (interactive) communication.
    5.provision of encouragement including constructive and supportive feedback.

    Mr Khedoo do also possess the qualities of an outstanding teacher related to a teacher being organised, enthusiastic, committed, communicative, understanding individual needs of students, relating well to students and having confidence in them.

    Last but not least Mr. Khedo was, is and will alwaz remain one of the best lecturers and most loved one at the University of Mauritius. No matter whether its in educational or in keeping track with his students, he is alwaz here to help where he can , and never busy for his students even with his tight schedules.

    May God Bless you on ur way to excellence.

    Sincere Thanks for helping us stand where we are today Sir. You are often beifn taken as a reference model for the person you are.

    I will also like to add that behind many successful students, there definitely somewhere hv the Mr. Khedo touch and boost!!!


  55. Anwar Buchoo Says:

    I’ll not be commenting on your professionalism.
    One advice that you once gave me will always be stucked to me: “Always respect our elders”

    I thank you for that cuz I will never be able to thank you for the other things you did for us.

    I just learnt via your blog that you’ve got married. Congratulations.

    Anwar Buchoo

  56. Mungur Says:

    Sir, you are the best, simply the best

  57. Oliver Ryan Wong Says:

    One BIG THANKS from me, for the lectures and support at DCDM Business School. Also, a late but sincere congratulations for your wedding.

    I got randomly to your blog. Think your last lecture to me was in 2004. Time goes by so quickly.


  58. swanand Reddy Says:

    Hello Sir,

    Everyone is pleasing you. But how many of your students have been inspired by you to be a good human being. Everyone is motivated to amass a lot of knowledge, qualifications, wealth. Who dare to know himself. In fact, if you want to inspire your students to be good human beings which are needed to save this world, you should know yourself. Meditate. But this you need an enlighten being in whose presence, you will discover what life is and who you are.

    batch: bsc computer science with multimedia, 2003-2006

  59. exUoM Says:

    Been a UoM student in BSc IS from 2000-2003,,,have had very bad experiences with UoM lecturers,,,,most of them..not up to the standard. After reading so many good things abt Mr Khedo,,,,wish I had such lecturers at that time,,,cuz those lecturers,,,sorry to say,,,really were not motivating any student!!!!
    Keep up the good job Mr Khedo…UoM need more lecturers as you.

  60. Jaguessur Roshnie Says:

    I like teachers who give you something to take home to think about besides homework and Mr. Khedo was one among them. I was always fascinated by his teaching skill. Once I heard that:

    The task of the excellent teacher is to stimulate “apparently ordinary” people to unusual effort. The tough problem is not in identifying winners: it is in making winners out of ordinary people.

    And for me Mr. Khedo has succeeded to make a winner out of an ordinary person like me. Today if I am what I am it’s mainly due to his guidance.

    I still remember how he has helped me in my final year project even though he was not my supervisor. Also how he has helped my friend to sort out his personal problems.

    I could never thank you enough for all that you did for me.

    IS Gp B (2004 – 2007)

  61. Kurt Avish Says:

    Hello Sir.

    You are invited to participate in the Mauritian Blog Survey and Award before friday 21 November 08 as a Mauritian Blogger 🙂 Share your opinion.

    Btw you are really among the best!! The class of Communication Technologies is just tro cool with you. Keep it up.

  62. Nafeeza COAN Says:

    Hello Sir,

    X-Student for UOM/CDAC – Bsc (Hons) Business Informatics.
    Yr Graduated: 2005

    I still remember my Databases classes wiz u… The materials n notes u gave us was excellent. At that time u walked so much in the classes to make urself be so present among us all, that i still remember the nice black shoes u had 😉

    u r one of the rare lecturer that know how to communicate with students.

    Thanks also for the help when I had to quit my Msc Computer Science course. I needed my postgraduate certificate n ur prompt email reply did helped me.

    All the best in your Teaching Career
    I myself a Teacher now n I will definitely copies some of ur Teachning Teachniques.

  63. Mehfooz Kausmally Says:

    Hello Sir,
    Am Mehfooz doing BSc(Hons) Computer Science, year 2. Batch of 2010.
    I worked with you for only one semester, with the module Object Oriented Software Development and I must say your teaching is really praiseworthy.
    Your class is disciplined, your lecture is is never boring but rather interesting and each lecture I attend of yours makes me feel that yes, today I learned something.
    When you really understand something in the lecture it helps during the revision since you do not just need to learn by heart but you also know and understand what you are learning which makes it easier to remember and makes life easier.
    I wholeheartedly wish you best of luck for your teaching and life! 🙂

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