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32 Comments on “Guest Book”

  1. vicks Says:

    All the best for the blog

    and you just got yourself a regular visitor 🙂

  2. Avinash Says:

    Better late than never…

    Hope for more Interesting Liverpool news..

    & some computer & WSN stuff as well

  3. Dhiraj Says:

    Nice blog,

    Wish u good luck for your research work

  4. leenakshi Says:

    Good work! Cool blog 😀

  5. Ali Hossen Gopal Says:

    Wishing you all the best for your Ph.D

    Hope to see you soon

    May GOD keep showering HIS blessing on you and your family



  6. Vikash Says:

    Nice Blog,

    Good luck !!

  7. Vipin Says:

    Thatz good achievement kavi..keep it up yaar…ve revived some good moments we spent…koool

  8. nazimah Says:

    Good work

    good luck for the future

  9. roushdat Says:

    I think blogging can help bridge the gap between lecturers and students. Keep it up, your blog rocks!

  10. Shenaz Says:

    Wish you the best of luck!

  11. Sundeep Says:

    Nice blog..
    i didn’t know u were on the blogosphere
    keep it up

  12. David Says:

    Hello Kavi,

    Keep it up- I am a regular visitor.


  13. Nitum Says:

    A very cool place to get knowlege and to de in contact with you!!

    anyway quite an enriching blog!! hope to have one like this in the future!!


  14. Krish Says:

    Hello Mr Kavi Khedo,

    I am Krish from the University of Melbourne in Australia. I am just surfing on the net to look for the prospect of work in Multimedia Design in Mauritius. Your website has a very good layout, lot of white space and a very good design. I have read on your profile and I think you are the only person who can give me some information about Multimedia Design since you have a very good background in the particular field.

    Actually am doing my last Semester at the University of Melbourne in BA Multimedia Design which is base on Web design, graphic design, 3d and 2d animation and Multimedia interactivity.

    I would like to know if there is any prospect in this field in Mauritius. I know Mauritius have became a Cyber island but still I do not know about the field of Multimedia design there.

    Thank u for reading my mail and hope that I have not disturb you

    Hope to hear from you very soon.

    From Krish

  15. YPK Says:

    Great blog, same as you

    Keep it up, i’ll be a regular visitor

  16. Anousha Says:

    Nice Blog
    Good luck for the futur !!!

    “A good teacher is like a candle – it consumes itself to light the way for others.”
    And its You.

  17. ss_wolff Says:

    This is someone who instills the “will to learn” in you as from day 1 in his lectures.

    Keep it up

  18. soheb Says:

    well z blog is fanatastic i jst wanted to post a new topic .there is a special promotion going on for one week or until validity of stock DDR2 RAM 1GB Rs 1500 vat included wanted to share zs with u guys contact me on 9712477

  19. Kevin Says:

    Frankly writing, your blog is very well designed.,
    Good Luck for your Ph.D

  20. kunal Says:

    Your Blog rock, keep it up, I will be a regualr visitor.

  21. jack Says:

    Hi! Nice site!

  22. naisioxerloro Says:

    Good design, who make it?

  23. payday Says:

    Hello! Good site! I’m From Khazahstan! I’m doing well!

    Thank you!

  24. Hi just wanna wish u both Best best best of luck 4 v future, nice knowing u 2 n hope u wn’t 4get me… u’ve been doing a gr8 job, keep it up. Hope we’ll keep in touch. take care n babyeeeeeeeee.. IF BETTER IS POSSIBLE, GOOD IS NOT ENOUGH!

  25. Oliver Ryan Wong Says:

    Congrats for your new job as Senior Lecturer. Soon Dr. Kavi Khedo ?

  26. sh Says:

    hey nice blog
    all the best

  27. Avinash Kavi Says:

    Nice info on your webpage. Pictures are cool.
    San Diego, CA.

  28. Daks Says:

    hi sir…it ws really nice to attend your lectures of CSE 1010e 🙂

  29. Dennis Says:

    I hope to see this wonder some day..thx for the pic’s

  30. Lexy Says:

    hi Sir,
    i just love your classes…
    They are different but very interesting,mainly the communication technologies class..
    wish u all the luck n success for your research and also for Respected DR.Kavi Khedo…
    and also nice blog.. Beautiful pictures..

  31. bala Says:

    You rock. Great success in love and career. Hope you are the good example for the youth and younger India.
    All the best for your future projects……

  32. hashim Says:

    Hello sir, warmest congratulations to you for being awarded the UoM Research Excellence Award (REA) for the outstanding young academic (aged below 40).. Well deserved..

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