Inter-college debate competition (WoW 2007)


I was invited to serve as the member of jury for the Inter-college debate competition (WoW 2007) organised by Infosys on the 27 June 2007. The topic of the debate was “Mauritius has the potential to operate at a higher level of the value chain in IT”. The proposing team was from Royal College Curepipe and the opposing team was from Dr Maurice Cure SSS. Both teams did extremely well. The RCC students were very good in terms of expressiveness, and voice and the Dr Maurice Cure students were very good in terms of arguments put forward. The debate in general was of very high quality. Congratulations to both teams.

For more details and some photos click on the link below:

Round : Semi Final

Date of Debate : 27th June 2007 Venue : Infosys Technologies Limited – Wing B, 4th Floor

Topic : Mauritius has the potential to operate at a higher level of the ‘value chain’ in IT

Proposing team : Royal College Curepipe

Speaker 1 : Pillay Samoo Kumaren

Speaker 2 : Ghoorah Manish

Opposing team : Dr Maurice Curé SSS

Speaker 1 : Beelunkhun Sadiyah

Speaker 2 : Bindah Trisha


The tentative Date and Time for final of the WOW 2007 are as follows:
Date     :     12 July 2007
Venue   :     BPML Conference Room (Cyber Tower 1)
Time     :     13:30 – 15:30

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One Comment on “Inter-college debate competition (WoW 2007)”

  1. curiousEngine Says:

    can UoM students come watch the finals at BPML Conference Room (Cyber Tower 1)?

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