Flag Raising at UOM

Flag-raising Ceremony at University of Mauritius on Friday 09 March 2007 at 1300 hours in the Raised Plaza, Academic Complex Tower Block.

Mauritius attained independence on the 12th March 1968 and on the date of the year 1992 became a Republic


Glory to thee, Motherland,
O motherland of mine.
Sweet is thy beauty,
Sweet is thy fragrance,
Around thee we gather
As one people,
As one nation,
In peace, justice and liberty.
Beloved country, may God bless thee
For ever and ever.

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4 Comments on “Flag Raising at UOM”

  1. […] Coming back to UOM, unfortunately, your future president was taken up with some very important work at the time of  Flag Raising. And due to the fact that work is of much higher importance than a ceremony, I prefered to work. But sure, you will be served with a few pics from Mr Kavi Khedo, lecturer @ UOM who happened to be on the spot. Check out his blog here […]

  2. Ravi Luchmun Says:

    Its good to know 😛

    Gloire à toi Île Maurice,
    Île Maurice, ô ma mère patrie,
    Fraîche est ta beauté,
    Doux est ton parfum,
    Nous voici tous debout,
    Comme un seul peuple,
    Une seule nation,
    En paix, justice et liberté,
    Pays bien aimé que Dieu te bénisse,
    Aujourd’hui et toujours.

    I dont think many of us know our national anthem in french.

    For your information: our national anthem was written by Jean-Georges Prosper and composed by Philippe Gentil.

    However, only the english versoin is recognised as the official one.

    (source wikipedia)

  3. roushdat Says:

    Hehe, I wanted have the french version this morning itself :p Thx Ravi…Gloire a toiiiiiiiiiii lile morissssssssssssssssssssss

  4. […] Anyways, you can have a look at some pics taken on this occasion on Mr Khedo’s blog just here … And here are links for the National Anthem music and song, in case you wanna rehearse for […]

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